Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith Seen with Bruises on Face and Hand Following Spa Visit

Melanie Griffith, 65, was seen with bruises on her face and hand when she left a spa in Beverly Hills on Thursday. The actress has been open about her battle with skin cancer and has previously spoken about having dermabrasion treatment, which can cause bruising.

Griffith was dressed in a chic outfit, including a brown leather jacket, beige sweater, and white slacks. She also had a white shopping bag from the spa in her hand.

The actress has been battling skin cancer since 2009. She has had several surgeries to remove cancerous cells and has also undergone dermabrasion treatment. Dermabrasion is a laser treatment that helps to remove cancer cells and can cause bruising.

Griffith has been open about her skin cancer battle and has spoken out about the importance of sun protection. She has also encouraged others to get regular skin checks.

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In 2017, Griffith spoke to People magazine about her skin cancer battle. She said, “I’ve had a lot of skin cancer, but I’m grateful that I’ve caught it early and that I’m able to get it treated.”

Griffith is an inspiration to many people who are battling skin cancer. She is a reminder that it is possible to live a full and healthy life after being diagnosed with the disease.