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Suniel Shetty’s Reason for Not Sending His Kids to Indian Schools

In a recent interview, Suniel Shetty explained why he chose not to enrol his children, Athiya and Ahan, in Indian schools. He wanted to avoid them being treated differently by others.

Suniel Shetty also shared how Athiya decided to pursue a career in the film industry despite getting admission to college in Atlanta.

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Suniel Shetty’s Decision on Schooling

Suniel Shetty mentioned that he knew sending his kids to American schools would require a lot of money. He didn’t want his children to be treated specially or criticized for being celebrity kids.

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He preferred them to enter a world where their background didn’t matter. He recalled his father’s comment about the cost, but he still chose to go ahead with this decision.

At Athiya’s Choice

Suniel Shetty stated that he didn’t influence his children’s career choices. When they went to Atlanta for Athiya’s college admission, she expressed her unhappiness with that path.

She revealed her desire to be in the film and entertainment industry. Suniel Shetty discussed the challenges and anxieties that come with the film industry, questioning her ability to handle failure.

Suniel Shetty’s Family

Suniel Shetty married Mana Shetty on December 25, 1991. Their two children, Athiya and Ahan, made their Bollywood debuts in the movies Hero and Tadap, respectively.

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