Will Smith's Undawn

Will Smith’s Role in New Video Game Draws Striking Similarities

Will Smith is venturing into the world of video games, taking on the role of a playable character in the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic survival game called “Undawn.” Fans immediately noticed a resemblance between Smith’s character and one of his most iconic film roles.

On Wednesday, a teaser trailer showcasing the 54-year-old actor in the role of a survivor named Trey Jones was released for the game. The trailer showcased Jones navigating a rundown city while fending off hordes of undead creatures with an impressive array of weapons.

In the one-minute clip, Smith’s character demonstrated his stealthy combat skills and fearlessly took on numerous bloodthirsty mutants. Fans who are familiar with Smith’s filmography couldn’t help but draw comparisons to his role as struggling scientist Robert Neville in the popular 2007 movie “I Am Legend.” In the film, Neville embarks on a quest to find a cure after a devastating plague turns the remaining human population into vicious mutants.

“Undawn,” described as an open-world survival RPG, is set in a similar post-apocalyptic world following a global catastrophe. Smith’s character, Jones, will serve as a guide, assisting other survivors in navigating this new civilization.

The game’s synopsis reveals that players will explore a vast open world teeming with diverse environments such as plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities. Each location presents unique ecosystems and dangers for players to navigate.

Smith also took to Facebook to share a separate trailer for “Undawn,” expressing his excitement by saying, “They put me in a video game!!” The live-action trailer begins with Smith teasing a tropical paradise where visitors have the freedom to explore. However, the atmosphere quickly changes as he unveils the unexpected challenge awaiting them: relentless zombies.

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In the extended clip, Smith leads a group of survivors preparing to confront a horde of hungry mutants. As the undead creatures feast on an unfortunate victim, Smith boldly declares, “We are not your dinner,” before delivering a powerful blow to one of them with a baseball bat.

Smith expressed his gratitude to the video game developers, LightSpeed Studios and Level Infinite, in his post.

Following the release of the game’s trailer, fans expressed their enthusiasm and were quick to draw connections to the narrative elements of “I Am Legend.”